Traffic Laws

Illinois Traffic Laws 2011

A number of new Traffic Safety laws went into effect on January 1st, 2016. 

House Legislation Bills

HB 0198 PA 99-0172
Only electric vehicles may park in spaces equipped with charging stations and designated for parking of electric vehicles.

HB 1081 PA 99-0483
Any specialty plate legislation passed by the General Assembly, excluding military license plates, will have a universal design with a decal that attaches to the license plate identifying the charity or organization for which the license plate is associated. (Effective July 1, 2016)

HB 1336 PA 99-0447
A law enforcement officer may not charge or take a person into custody for underage consumption if (1) the person requested medical assistance for an individual due to alcohol consumption, and (2) the person remained at the scene of the incident and cooperated fully with law enforcement. (Effective June 1, 2016)

HB 1446 PA 99-1446
A person convicted of four or more DUIs is eligible to request a Restricted Driving Permit for limited driving privileges from the Secretary of State’s Office after serving a five year revocation of their driving license. The Secretary of State may approve or deny the request based on information provided by the applicant and, if approved by the Secretary of State, any vehicle the applicant drives must be equipped with a Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device (BAIID) for the remainder of the individual’s driving lifetime.

HB 1453 PA 99-0212
If a driver speeds through a construction or maintenance zone or passes a school bus at a rate of speed that is greater than 26 miles per hour of the posted speed limit, he/she may be charged with the offense of aggravated speeding.

HB 1516 PA 99-0291
A commercial motor vehicle (truck) driver involved in a crash resulting in injury or death and is also charged with driving under the influence, violating the maximum allowable driving hours or violation of medical qualifications for driving a commercial vehicle, may be charged with a Class 3 felony which may result in imprisonment of 2-5 years and a $25,000 fine.

HB 1666 PA 99-0068
License plates on the rear of a vehicle with a rear motorized forklift do not have to be clearly visible at all times.

HB 2811 PA 99-0071
Specialty license plates qualify for a reduced license plate fee for those persons eligible for the Department on Aging’s Benefit Access Program.

HB 3384 PA 99-0118
Civilian employees of the United States Armed Services and the Department of Defense (rather than just members of the military) are given 45 days after returning to the United States to register their vehicles and may have the expiration of their driver’s license deferred. Drivers must renew their driver’s license within 120 days of returning to the United States.

HB 3533 PA 99-0296
A person convicted of a second or subsequent DUI must obtain a Restricted Driving Permit and equip their vehicles with a Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device for a five year period before applying for reinstatement of their driver’s license.

HB 3670 PA 99-0297
Upon notification, the Secretary of State will revoke the driver’s license of a person causing crash resulting in a death. This revocation will take effect 90 days from the date the revocation notice was mailed.

HB 4074 PA 99-0300
An Illinois resident with a driver’s license revocation in another state may apply for an Illinois driver’s license if the revocation has been in effect for at least ten years and the applicant has completed all requirements for reinstatement, including an administrative hearing.


Senate Legislation Bills

SB 0621 PA 99-0040
Volunteer emergency management service units may display red and white oscillating lights on their rescue vehicles.

SB 0627 PA 99-0467
The “Warning to Motorist” that is read to motorists who are arrested for DUI now includes a space for the motorist to sign indicating receipt of the warning. If the driver refuses to sign the document, law enforcement shall note the refusal on the document.

SB 1388 PA 99-0124
A temporary stop sign erected by the Illinois Department of Transportation shall be treated as a permanent stop sign or a traffic control device.

SB 1441 PA 99-0438
A commercial motor vehicle may not be towed without authorization from a law enforcement officer. Law enforcement officers may impound a vehicle for a mandatory insurance violation if the infraction is the second insurance violation within the last year.

SB 1898 PA 99-0305
The Secretary of State’s Office is limited to issuing only three duplicate identification cards or driver licenses per person, per year. An individual may apply for no more than ten duplicate identification cards and driver’s licenses during his/her lifetime.

SB 1899 PA 99-0401
Low speed vehicles are not allowed to operate on Illinois roadways unless they have been titled and registered with the Illinois Secretary of State and are equipped with parking brakes, steering wheel, brakes, seat belts, interior and exterior rearview mirrors, a headlight, a tail light and turn signals.

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