Lakemoor DUI Crackdown

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The Northwest Herald reports that the city of Lakemoor Police Department will be cracking down on drunk driving during the upcoming Memorial Day Holiday.  The number of roadside safety checks and the number of police offers patrolling the highways will be increased as part of the Drive Sober Or Get Pulled Over campaign in the State of Illinois.  Local law enforcement from other local municipalities will be participating as well, including McHenry, Wauconda, Lake Zurick, and Palatine just to name a few.

Throughout the US in 2013, nearly 40 percent of all crash fatalities on the Labor Day weekend involved drunken drivers.  Police hope to reduce the number of fatalities through increased vigilance as well as making the public aware of the dangers of drinking while driving.

Lakemoor is also well known for it’s infamous photo-enforced traffic lights at the corner of Route 12 and 120.  This intersection has become a major cash cow for the city of Lakemoor, garnering in excess of $300,00 or more yearly.  Drivers who will be using that intersection are advised not to try to make it through the intersection on a yellow light, as the yellow light time has been significantly reduced.  Turning right on red can be risky as well so it might be a good idea to wait until the light turns green.

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